Math in the Time of Corona

A blog in response to a global pandemic from an eternal optimist. Musings on emergency remote teaching (of mathematics), maintaining humanity, and building community in isolation.

Latest from the Blog

January 22 Day 320: Portraiture

This has been a week with plenty of art—painting with bacterial culture and drawing on my iPad. My favorite caricature from illustrating a scientific conference was of bacteria playing volleyball with a streptomyces spore inspired by Alice Muok’s talk at #BLASTXVI and Haikyu!, the manga/anime series my youngest and I bonded over (and kindly referContinue reading “January 22 Day 320: Portraiture”

January 21 Day 319: Connection

Today was punctuated with many one-on-one interactions with people I care deeply about. Whether it was planned research time, a fortunate coincidence in Gather.town, a telephone call (gasp, how novel!), or the family meal, everything helped make this world a little smaller and a little more caring. Plus I got to work with my studentsContinue reading “January 21 Day 319: Connection”

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