January 27 Day 670: I Changed My Mind

I do want to talk about Wordle. As opposed to January 24 Day 687: We Don’t Talk About Wordle. Let me set the stage. I am trying to teach in person. In reality, I am teaching a synchronous remote course from the classroom. Only one human being joined me on campus this morning (13 othersContinue reading “January 27 Day 670: I Changed My Mind”

January 25 Day 688: In-person Attendance Woes

One week ago today: I had seven students in the classroom and eight students online. This was the first day I offered in-person classes (and third week of the quarter.) I figured it would get better. Today: I had two students in the classroom and twelve online. That’s not better. One week from today: TheContinue reading “January 25 Day 688: In-person Attendance Woes”

January 20 Day 683: A Few Minutes Peace

What treat. Sitting in a coffee shop. Drinking from a ceramic mug. Posting class notes. Catching up with friends. Chatting with acquaintances. It was good for the soul and a fine way to celebrate finishing in-person teaching for this week. If you recall, two days ago I almost had 50 % in-person and 50% remoteContinue reading “January 20 Day 683: A Few Minutes Peace”

January 19 Day 682: Extra Credit Magic

I held in-person drop in hours today at the UW Tacoma Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). Why the TLC? It’s neutral ground. My students know that I am there for them—so they cannot be interrupting me. Plus it introduces them to a fantastic place to work, collaborate, get help, or just hang out. For manyContinue reading “January 19 Day 682: Extra Credit Magic”

January 18 Day 681: That was Interesting

The verdict is in. In-person class was OK. Seven in the classroom. Eight on zoom. One (maybe two) absent. It was the best attendance I have had thus far. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. So I tried to be flexible and ready for anything. Everyone brought a laptop or tablet and most signedContinue reading “January 18 Day 681: That was Interesting”

January 17 Day 680: Reboot

This will be my third week of a 10-week quarter and my first week in-person. I am grateful to have a small enrollment of 17 students and am looking forward to meeting them face-to-face for the first time. I’m nervous—it feels more like a first day than a fifth day. I plan to arrive 45Continue reading “January 17 Day 680: Reboot”

January 11 Day 674: A Whole Lot of Nothing

Before the pandemic, the selfish were rewarded and the selfless were taken advantage of. During the pandemic nothing has changed. Except we keep asking for more from the people that already give too much. Who do you think does the work? And who gets rewarded? It isn’t right. We need to change the system. ForContinue reading “January 11 Day 674: A Whole Lot of Nothing”

January 8 Day 671: Time Out

I. Just. Couldn’t. Be. Productive. I have said it before and I will say it again, the most difficult part of this whole ordeal is the uncertainty. And yesterday was jam packed with it. So, I did a little grading. Mostly I retreated from anything remotely connected to teaching, the University, and professional obligations. InsteadContinue reading “January 8 Day 671: Time Out”

January 7 Day 670: Crap

I should be attending the Joint Mathematics meeting right now but that got canceled 2.5 weeks ago. I am sad that I do not get to be energized by my disciplinary colleagues or celebrate professional accomplishments and interesting ideas. This was to be the first big conference in-person since the start of the pandemic. PartContinue reading “January 7 Day 670: Crap”

January 6 Day 669: Miro Voting–the Reality

It worked! Not perfectly. I learned things along the way. I had 12 (of 17 students) attending class today. Of those 12, only 9 participated in the voting. Not everyone got the prompt to join the voting. I don’t know if this was because they joined the board after the voting started or if itContinue reading “January 6 Day 669: Miro Voting–the Reality”

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