December 27 Day 659: Holiday Cards

I always try to get our holiday card designed and printed before Christmas. If I am very good, I manage to get them in the mail before December 25. This year the printing was finished on Christmas Eve, many cards were addressed on Boxing Day, and the first batch were delivered to the post officeContinue reading “December 27 Day 659: Holiday Cards”

December 23 Day 655: Holiday Achievement Unlocked

The Christmas tree is finally finished with the help of my youngest. It’s the first time we have elected to use only white lights (both the cool and warm variety) mostly because the first strand with multi-colored bulbs did not fully illuminate. It looks sophisticated, I think. Next step, finish designing our holiday card. IContinue reading “December 23 Day 655: Holiday Achievement Unlocked”

December 19 Day 651: Me & 23

Happy Anniversary to my husband of 23 years. There have been ups and downs, ins and outs. But always together. Stronger than ever. What we have built together has great value: a partnership, a home, a family. He has always believed in me and helped me to believe in myself. After almost two years inContinue reading “December 19 Day 651: Me & 23”

October 2 Day 573: Gather ‘Round

It is amazing to think that my first post about the virtual networking application Gather Town (, was one year and one day ago. The first space I created from scratch was for the November 2020 UW Tacoma Julia Robinson Math Festival. It replicated William Philip Hall, where the festival would have been held inContinue reading “October 2 Day 573: Gather ‘Round”

August 4 Day 514: It Starts

Welcome to the opening day of MathFest 2021—the virtual edition. Today was filled with lots of “firsts,” for me and the MAA. All of it was positive. Never before today: had I hosted the annual meeting of the MAA as its President. had MAA arranged a national virtual meeting (on the HopIn platform.) Had IContinue reading “August 4 Day 514: It Starts”

March 13 Day 370: Celebrate with Friends

It was a glorious day. I spent the afternoon with my husband Mark and friends Sue and Paul. We celebrated my birthday, which is officially tomorrow. Yes, I am a particularly lucky mathematician to have a birthday on Pi Day. We shared lunch at a charming bistro Citron, in Parkland, checked out the Russian marketContinue reading “March 13 Day 370: Celebrate with Friends”

February 20 Day 349: Florida Celebration

I want to give a shout out to all of the executive officers in the MAA Florida section meeting. They were the test subjects for all the virtual spring MAA section meetings to come. The background. The pandemic has stressed everyone. Several members of the FL MAA executive committee resigned this year because they didContinue reading “February 20 Day 349: Florida Celebration”

January 30 Day 328: Kitchen Memories

At every party I have ever hosted, the kitchen is the center of the action. It has been well over a year since I have hosted such an event, but the memories are strong. My thesis advisor, Dr. Richard Brualdi, replied to a post on FB today and it started a flood of kitchen memories.Continue reading “January 30 Day 328: Kitchen Memories”

December 22 Day 289: Recreate to Celebrate

What a fun social “hour” hosted by the MAA Special Interest Group for Recreational Math (SIGMAA REC). I was there for more than three hours–chatting, playing, and meeting friends. I had an intimate conversation with a dear old friend, just the two of us. I had different small group conversations about math clubs, covid, andContinue reading “December 22 Day 289: Recreate to Celebrate”

December 19 Day 286: By the Numbers

286: The number of days since the University of Washington system suspended face-to-face classes on all three campuses to address concerns around a novel and rapidly spreading coronavirus. 200: The number of posts I have made to Math in the Time of Corona at this time—essentially one per day for two quarters with a summerContinue reading “December 19 Day 286: By the Numbers”

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