January 11 Day 674: A Whole Lot of Nothing

Before the pandemic, the selfish were rewarded and the selfless were taken advantage of. During the pandemic nothing has changed. Except we keep asking for more from the people that already give too much. Who do you think does the work? And who gets rewarded? It isn’t right. We need to change the system. ForContinue reading “January 11 Day 674: A Whole Lot of Nothing”

December 19 Day 651: Me & 23

Happy Anniversary to my husband of 23 years. There have been ups and downs, ins and outs. But always together. Stronger than ever. What we have built together has great value: a partnership, a home, a family. He has always believed in me and helped me to believe in myself. After almost two years inContinue reading “December 19 Day 651: Me & 23”

November 13 Day 615: And Just like That…

… it was over. I was back to feeling like my regular self by morning. My arms don’t even feel that sore. (Flu shot in the left, COVID booster in the right.) Now it’s my husband’s turn to feel crappy. He got his booster yesterday and the after effects hit this morning. I’m trying toContinue reading “November 13 Day 615: And Just like That…”

November 6 Day 608: Hard Crash and Second Wind

I was definitely not bored at the MAA Board of Directors meeting. My leadership style is similar to my teaching style; I ask everyone to participate and actively engage. Having people in the room and remote on zoom made orchestrating group work a challenge. However, I am continually amazed at how well human beings adaptContinue reading “November 6 Day 608: Hard Crash and Second Wind”

October 30 Day 601: Amazing

Tomorrow I talk about mathematical affirmations and humanizing assessment. So I knew I had to find this mural in Downtown Phoenix during a break in the action. On the way I encountered other fun public art. But the most amazing part of the day was connecting with Talithia Williams—she is a wonder. Dynamic storyteller. ImpactfulContinue reading “October 30 Day 601: Amazing”

March 14 Day 371: We Are OK

Umm, this birthday isn’t going to plan. My son Zachary and I went to record a Math Around Town piece in the Salishan neighborhood and the trip home was exciting—but not in a good way. As we entered I-705 from the 7 extension near the Tacoma Dome, a vehicle from the I-5 N ramp blewContinue reading “March 14 Day 371: We Are OK”

February 23 Day 352: Deep Appreciation

During this time of extended stress and struggle, there are some people that keep me going. First and foremost is my family. My husband usually brings me coffee and breakfast to start my day. He visits regularly for a kiss or to make sure I have what I need. The son at home also checksContinue reading “February 23 Day 352: Deep Appreciation”

December 16 Day 283: Words of Gratitude

I am overwhelmed by the kind words I have received from students today. Some have come in email, others through the Course Management System, and some even “screen-to-screen” (since we weren’t actually face-to-face) at the end of their oral interviews. “Thanks again for the great quarter and helping me learn, and have a good day!”Continue reading “December 16 Day 283: Words of Gratitude”

November 28 Day 265: TFW You Are Being Watched

Today’s walk was one to remember. Mark and I started at Owen’s Beach and walked to the Point of Point Defiance. We saw swimmers of all varieties. It began with the human swimmers. And then we saw harbor seals. Just one or two at first. I asked Mark if those dots in the distance wereContinue reading “November 28 Day 265: TFW You Are Being Watched”

November 11 Day 248: Full of Thanks

Thank you to those that have served. Thankful for this holiday. Thankful for my family and friends. My plan was initially to try and catch up on work. I found I couldn’t focus. After a few essential errands and emails, I did nothing (or practically nothing) for the rest of the day. I snuggled underContinue reading “November 11 Day 248: Full of Thanks”

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