November 13 Day 615: And Just like That…

… it was over. I was back to feeling like my regular self by morning. My arms don’t even feel that sore. (Flu shot in the left, COVID booster in the right.) Now it’s my husband’s turn to feel crappy. He got his booster yesterday and the after effects hit this morning. I’m trying toContinue reading “November 13 Day 615: And Just like That…”

November 12 Day 614: Take it Easy

Symptoms: A mild fever and a killer headache. Diagnosis: After effects of the COVID-19 booster. Outcome: Be kind to myself. Reduce virtual meetings to only those where action will be taken. Otherwise, keep very still with my eyes closed. It should be over tomorrow. Hope for the Tylenol to kick in. Maybe I can getContinue reading “November 12 Day 614: Take it Easy”

April 20 Day 408: One Step Closer

Today was Zachary’s first vaccination. Washington State opened vaccinations to people 16 years and older on April 15. I found a drive through site in Dupont administering the Pfizer vaccine with open appointments last week and this morning we drove the 30 minutes (with traffic), to the location. It was extremely well-organized. The concentric circlesContinue reading “April 20 Day 408: One Step Closer”

April 7 Day 395: Second Hope

I’m waiting my 15 minutes, followed by 2 more weeks. I’m surprised how emotional I feel. There is a lump in my throat and tears pool in my eyes as I thank everyone involved from the volunteers on crowd control to the RNs dispensing the coveted elixir. I can finally imagine visiting my family inContinue reading “April 7 Day 395: Second Hope”

March 12 Day 369: One To Go

I received an urgent e-mail from my husband yesterday afternoon. My healthcare provider’s vaccine clinic was liberally interpreting “educator” to include higher education faculty and they had appointments available. I immediately got online, signed up for the next available appointment, drove to the clinic, and received my first Moderna shot. It took maybe 60 minutesContinue reading “March 12 Day 369: One To Go”

January 27 Day 325: The Day After

I thought recovery would be a breeze. I slept most of yesterday with only slight cramping. Nothing remarkable. Not even a 2 on the pain scale. So I proceeded with a normal Wednesday’s worth of activity. After all, I’m just walking down the hallway and sitting at my desk. By three pm, I was exhaustedContinue reading “January 27 Day 325: The Day After”

January 26 Day 324: Women’s Health, Amirite?

Warning: This post contains TMI. Read at your own risk. I’ve been contemplating this post for a long time. But today two things happened that gave me strength to put it out there: A friend posted about her hot flashes pointing to the failure of healthcare to address our real experiences. I spent the morningContinue reading “January 26 Day 324: Women’s Health, Amirite?”

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