December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 3

Mission Completion! Gold status has been verified in the Alaska Airline app and I got to meet my son AT THE GATE on his holiday travels home. The last time I did that was when the kids were travelling as unaccompanied minors to visit my parents in TN. I have fond memories of childhood waitingContinue reading “December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 3”

December 20 Day 652: Submitted

Grades are submitted and I have four days to prepare for a family Christmas. It’s a little late to start thinking about the holidays, but I have been preoccupied with other priorities until now. My youngest put up the tree and lights last night. There is still decorating to be done. This will be theContinue reading “December 20 Day 652: Submitted”

November 28 Day 630: Planes and Trains

I am thankful for modern transportation that allowed my sons to visit for the brief Thanksgiving holiday. It was grand to have the family together again. This morning they are traveling back to their respective colleges, one by air and one by land. Safe journeys sons. I’m looking forward to Winter break already.

November 24 Day 626: Drumroll Please

The predictions are in. Class is over. Overall the respondents were highly pessimistic. Here is a sampling of responses: . . The number of attendees was…. . . . . . Wait for it…… . . . . . . . . . . . In-person: 12 studentsRemote attendance: 6 students. Photographic Evidence that theyContinue reading “November 24 Day 626: Drumroll Please”

November 24 Day 626: Make Your Prediction Now

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I have class at 1:30 pm. On Monday my class of 28 had 12 in person participants and 3 remote participants. How many do you think will be here today? This is the downside to recording lectures. It makes it too easy to stay home and watch it laterContinue reading “November 24 Day 626: Make Your Prediction Now”

December 24 Day 291: Not a Creature was Stirring

The dinner dishes are washed and it’s finally time to wrap the meager presents I have accumulated for my family this Christmas. I did not do much shopping and half the things I ordered online have yet to arrive. There are stockings to fill, pictures of coming gifts to print, and presents to wrap. IContinue reading “December 24 Day 291: Not a Creature was Stirring”

December 20 Day 287: Holiday Gathering

In this time when we are suppose to limit our exposure to others, indoor gatherings of friends and family are frowned upon. How is a girl supposed to celebrate the holidays with the family she loves? Especially when they are over 2500 miles away? My husband will groan, but I am suggesting They haveContinue reading “December 20 Day 287: Holiday Gathering”

November 11 Day 248: Full of Thanks

Thank you to those that have served. Thankful for this holiday. Thankful for my family and friends. My plan was initially to try and catch up on work. I found I couldn’t focus. After a few essential errands and emails, I did nothing (or practically nothing) for the rest of the day. I snuggled underContinue reading “November 11 Day 248: Full of Thanks”

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