January 1 Day 664: In the New Year, I Can Do Better.

Happy New Year. May 2022 bring health and happiness to all–or at least a little less stress and turmoil. I’ve been working to prepare my winter classes (the first meeting is in 3 days!) I think I have the course site completed with dates, assignments, and readings–at least for the first two weeks. I amContinue reading “January 1 Day 664: In the New Year, I Can Do Better.”

November 7 Day 609: The Key to an Active Hyflex Meeting

Let’s be honest, there are lots of things I like about Zoom meetings—like dropping links into the chat, visibly random breakout rooms, and having the system keep track of raised hands. There are lots of things I like about in-person meetings—like informal chats during breaks, the shared sense of purpose, and easy transitions for groupContinue reading “November 7 Day 609: The Key to an Active Hyflex Meeting”

November 6 Day 608: Hard Crash and Second Wind

I was definitely not bored at the MAA Board of Directors meeting. My leadership style is similar to my teaching style; I ask everyone to participate and actively engage. Having people in the room and remote on zoom made orchestrating group work a challenge. However, I am continually amazed at how well human beings adaptContinue reading “November 6 Day 608: Hard Crash and Second Wind”

November 5 Day 607: Board Advice

The MAA Board had a hybrid meeting with 5 participants attending remotely and 16 in-person. It was an adventure, especially during the group activities, but we figured it out as we went along. Since people had laptops in the meeting room, we eventually landed on everyone signing into the Zoom meeting with their sound turnedContinue reading “November 5 Day 607: Board Advice”

November 4 Day 606: Spirals and Twists and Tiles, Oh My!

Traveling for the second weekend in a row, I returned to Seattle-Tacoma International airport at the crack of dawn this morning. It was dark and wet. But that is nothing new in the Pacific Northwest. I am grateful for the small gifts that I received today like: My husband as chauffeur. He drove me toContinue reading “November 4 Day 606: Spirals and Twists and Tiles, Oh My!”

October 29 Day 600: Not Normal but Still Good

I marvel at what we can accomplish in our expanded digital world. Even though I have traveled to Phoenix to attend an in-person meeting, I had 6 hours of scheduled Zoom meetings today. How is that possible? I flew here for a reason. I should be attending the in-person talks. I started the day enjoyingContinue reading “October 29 Day 600: Not Normal but Still Good”

August 17 Day 527: A Picture and a Word

I just participated in an inspiring panel called “My Journey in STEM.” The target audience was young women who had performed well in the American Mathematics Competitions. The other panelists were MAA colleagues April Ström, Hortensia Soto, and Emille Davie Lawrence. We each shared a picture that represented our mathematical journey and a word thatContinue reading “August 17 Day 527: A Picture and a Word”

August 6 Day 516: Analogy

I remember practicing analogies when studying for the SATs many years ago. My students don’t seem to have experience with them. So my mathematical analogies like chain rule : substitution :: product rule : parts gain no purchase in their understanding. Today, I was struck by a new analogy: Selfie : Francis Su :: ScreenshotContinue reading “August 6 Day 516: Analogy”

August 4 Day 514: It Starts

Welcome to the opening day of MathFest 2021—the virtual edition. Today was filled with lots of “firsts,” for me and the MAA. All of it was positive. Never before today: had I hosted the annual meeting of the MAA as its President. had MAA arranged a national virtual meeting (on the HopIn platform.) Had IContinue reading “August 4 Day 514: It Starts”

August 3 Day 513: Raise Your Hand If…

I got the nicest compliment today. The opening warm-up activity of MAA Congress was organized by Emille Lawrence. It was versatile in that it worked beautifully in the virtual environment and will translate nicely to an in-person space (even with masks on.) As Emille revealed each line in the slide above, representatives in Congress raisedContinue reading “August 3 Day 513: Raise Your Hand If…”

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