December 22 Day 654: Not Again

Omicron, COVID’s pawn, stops us cold. can’t be controlled. spreads like fire. I am so tired of not knowing when it’s going to end. Boosters, masks, health forecasts, protocols try to forestall COVID’s spread. Stay home instead. Those plans you made are now delayed again, my friend. Yesterday, I learned that the University of WashingtonContinue reading “December 22 Day 654: Not Again”

November 5 Day 607: Board Advice

The MAA Board had a hybrid meeting with 5 participants attending remotely and 16 in-person. It was an adventure, especially during the group activities, but we figured it out as we went along. Since people had laptops in the meeting room, we eventually landed on everyone signing into the Zoom meeting with their sound turnedContinue reading “November 5 Day 607: Board Advice”

October 28 Day 599: ΦNIX

Mathematical friends know I have a “thing” for the golden ratio Φ (pronounced “fee”). So I enjoyed the fact that on the AMATYC 2021 conference advertisement, Phoenix was written as ΦNIX. It is my first time attending the AMATYC conference ever and it is the first in-person conference since the Louisiana/Mississippi MAA Section Meeting FebruaryContinue reading “October 28 Day 599: ΦNIX”

September 28 Day 569: Irksome Day

I spent the entire day on campus in preparation for tomorrow’s return to in-person teaching. I am definitely out of practice and nothing worked quite the way it did before. The best part of the day was seeing colleagues and friends, picking up classroom supplies (like extra masks for my students), and cleaning my officeContinue reading “September 28 Day 569: Irksome Day”

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