December 15 Day 647: Interview Marathon Part II

My first academic term teaching face-to-face since March 2020 is close to completed. Continuing my COVID practice of assessing students through oral examinations, I recently finished two long days of interviews. This reflection will detail the process and lessons learned (much as I have done in the past as documented in all these posts.) TheContinue reading “December 15 Day 647: Interview Marathon Part II”

December 13 Day 645: Interview Marathon Part 1

I spent 7 hours (plus a few breaks) administering interviews for individual final oral assessments today. I’m halfway done and will complete the rest in another marathon session tomorrow. Every term has one or two students that just give up. The stress and pressure from school, family, and work take their toll. Today, I feltContinue reading “December 13 Day 645: Interview Marathon Part 1”

December 10 Day 642: Daydream Believers

We can dream up idealized solutions to a problem. Others can agree it’s a good solution and want to implement. But please don’t present your daydreams as real solutions until you have confirmed with all parties involved and understand the limitations. Just saying. Cover image created using one of my own photos and

December 9 Day 641: Behind the Mask

I was so happy to have my students attend class on campus this quarter. It was easier to build community in person than through a screen. I cherished the ability to use group activities at a moments notice without interrupting the energy of the room. Masks kept us safe. But as someone who is notContinue reading “December 9 Day 641: Behind the Mask”

November 10 Day 612: Have You Asked? The Answer(s) Might Surprise You.

I am forever impressed by the grit and perseverance of my students. In a reflection following the oral assessment, I asked how they were doing—both numerically and free response. The numerical range was -5 to 5 where 5=absolutely fantastic 0=meh -5= truly terrible. The average was 1.2–so more positive than the Autumn 2020 score ofContinue reading “November 10 Day 612: Have You Asked? The Answer(s) Might Surprise You.”

August 24 Day 534: Letting Go

Zachary, my youngest son, is off at Opening Days for his first-year college experience. When his brother Anson leaves for his senior year at college in two weeks, Mark and I will officially be empty nesters. I have conflicting feelings about all of it. For my children, I am so excited for their adventures toContinue reading “August 24 Day 534: Letting Go”

March 6 Day 363: COVID Practices Part I

Exactly a year ago today, the University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce announced classes would be offered remotely for the final week of Winter Quarter 2020. We had three days notice to adjust. The initial plan was a deep clean, a few weeks of remote engagement, including a “soft start” to the Spring quarter,Continue reading “March 6 Day 363: COVID Practices Part I”

February 26 Day 355: Disappointment

After 4.5 hours on Zoom without pause, it was time to sign into a meeting with a student. I had reached out in concern and we agreed to meet at 5 pm tonight. Can you guess the outcome? To be fair, I was contacted and asked if we could change the time to Monday. ItContinue reading “February 26 Day 355: Disappointment”

July 1, Day 115: Woah, We’re Halfway There

Even though I have been on a hiatus from the blog, I would be remiss not to notice that today we are halfway through 2020. I have spent the last two weeks on self-care: getting plenty of sleep, restarting an exercise routine, and even enjoying my first massage in over three months. It feels likeContinue reading “July 1, Day 115: Woah, We’re Halfway There”

May 20 Day 73: Time Expansion

Have you ever noticed that projects expand to fill the time available? Today I only had one hard deadline and several soft ones. The hard deadline? Teaching from 3:40-5:40 pm. I thought I was ready to go this morning—just a few minor adjustments to the learning management system and it would be on to biggerContinue reading “May 20 Day 73: Time Expansion”

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