January 17 Day 680: Reboot

This will be my third week of a 10-week quarter and my first week in-person. I am grateful to have a small enrollment of 17 students and am looking forward to meeting them face-to-face for the first time. I’m nervous—it feels more like a first day than a fifth day. I plan to arrive 45Continue reading “January 17 Day 680: Reboot”

May 22 Day 440: Something Different

I noticed a real change today. It was not the same thing, day after day, living my life in the same space in the same repetitive way. I went to a live concert. My husband and I had to wear masks and show proof of vaccination to gain entry. But we got to experience ourContinue reading “May 22 Day 440: Something Different”

March 22 Day 379: Seeking Motivation

Winter grades are submitted. It is officially Spring Break, which will be followed by a one quarter sabbatical. I know I need to: Think Write Workout Draw Taxes Perform deferred maintenance (the dripping kitchen faucet is driving me crazy and we have a sizable number of burned out light bulbs.) Plus continue the myriad ofContinue reading “March 22 Day 379: Seeking Motivation”

March 21 Day 378: Grey or Gray?

Out and about on this Sunday morning, there was very little color to the world. It raised the eternal question, is the best word to describe the sky grey or gray? Does it matter? Perhaps the most interesting sights were tire tracks in the Marina Parking lot and the progress on reconfiguring Owen Beach. WhileContinue reading “March 21 Day 378: Grey or Gray?”

March 11 Day 368: Spring is Near

I know Spring is practically here when the sun shining in my eastern window is a nuisance during my 8 am morning zoom call. It got more pronounced for the next 20 minutes: With the start of Daylight Savings Time this Sunday, the glare will be an issue at 9 am instead—slowly creeping back toContinue reading “March 11 Day 368: Spring is Near”

February 7 Day 336: Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once More

For many warriors of the classroom coronavirus battlefield, Spring semester is about to commence. Whether you are in person, hybrid, or remote, whether you started 5 weeks ago or will do so this week, you might be facing the coming work with a little trepidation. Remember, you are not alone. Despite the isolation, despite theContinue reading “February 7 Day 336: Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once More”

March 29 Day 21: Full Circle

Everything has been communicated and released to the students—for the first week anyways. There will be a lot of experimentation in our “getting-to-know-you session.” A google doc, a sample quiz with different kinds questions and different ways to enter responses, randomly generated Zoom breakout rooms with assigned roles, and finally a upload assignment for theContinue reading “March 29 Day 21: Full Circle”

March 21 Day 13: Checklist

Grading final projects? In progress. Household trendsetter with copper door knobs? Check. Zooming for connections? Indeed. Today a brief check in with my thesis advisor Richard A. Brualdi; tomorrow a family meeting (across the 4 times zones of in the Continental USA). What I remember most? Sleeping with the window open and breathing fresh airContinue reading “March 21 Day 13: Checklist”

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