January 17 Day 680: Reboot

This will be my third week of a 10-week quarter and my first week in-person. I am grateful to have a small enrollment of 17 students and am looking forward to meeting them face-to-face for the first time. I’m nervous—it feels more like a first day than a fifth day. I plan to arrive 45Continue reading “January 17 Day 680: Reboot”

January 11 Day 674: A Whole Lot of Nothing

Before the pandemic, the selfish were rewarded and the selfless were taken advantage of. During the pandemic nothing has changed. Except we keep asking for more from the people that already give too much. Who do you think does the work? And who gets rewarded? It isn’t right. We need to change the system. ForContinue reading “January 11 Day 674: A Whole Lot of Nothing”

January 8 Day 671: Time Out

I. Just. Couldn’t. Be. Productive. I have said it before and I will say it again, the most difficult part of this whole ordeal is the uncertainty. And yesterday was jam packed with it. So, I did a little grading. Mostly I retreated from anything remotely connected to teaching, the University, and professional obligations. InsteadContinue reading “January 8 Day 671: Time Out”

December 13 Day 645: Interview Marathon Part 1

I spent 7 hours (plus a few breaks) administering interviews for individual final oral assessments today. I’m halfway done and will complete the rest in another marathon session tomorrow. Every term has one or two students that just give up. The stress and pressure from school, family, and work take their toll. Today, I feltContinue reading “December 13 Day 645: Interview Marathon Part 1”

March 22 Day 379: Seeking Motivation

Winter grades are submitted. It is officially Spring Break, which will be followed by a one quarter sabbatical. I know I need to: Think Write Workout Draw Taxes Perform deferred maintenance (the dripping kitchen faucet is driving me crazy and we have a sizable number of burned out light bulbs.) Plus continue the myriad ofContinue reading “March 22 Day 379: Seeking Motivation”

February 26 Day 355: Disappointment

After 4.5 hours on Zoom without pause, it was time to sign into a meeting with a student. I had reached out in concern and we agreed to meet at 5 pm tonight. Can you guess the outcome? To be fair, I was contacted and asked if we could change the time to Monday. ItContinue reading “February 26 Day 355: Disappointment”

February 7 Day 336: Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once More

For many warriors of the classroom coronavirus battlefield, Spring semester is about to commence. Whether you are in person, hybrid, or remote, whether you started 5 weeks ago or will do so this week, you might be facing the coming work with a little trepidation. Remember, you are not alone. Despite the isolation, despite theContinue reading “February 7 Day 336: Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once More”

March 28 Day 20: Struggling to Focus

I am really struggling to focus on needed work. It’s the last Saturday of “Spring break” and  I am trying to get enough posted to my course management  system to publish the second course that I am teaching beginning Monday. Instead I want to talk with friends on the phone, zoom, nap, or watch “TigerContinue reading “March 28 Day 20: Struggling to Focus”

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