December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 3

Mission Completion! Gold status has been verified in the Alaska Airline app and I got to meet my son AT THE GATE on his holiday travels home. The last time I did that was when the kids were travelling as unaccompanied minors to visit my parents in TN. I have fond memories of childhood waitingContinue reading “December 21 Day 653: Mileage Run Part 3”

December 4 Day 636: The Wisdom of Presidents

Today in the White House Visitor’s Center, I spied these words from Chester A. Arthur. Little did he know that these words would be relevant to every person living through the 2020-2021 Corona Virus Lockdown. I was grateful for the chance to explore my country’s capital on a beautiful fall Saturday before flying home toContinue reading “December 4 Day 636: The Wisdom of Presidents”

December 2 Day 634: Ups and Downs

There were so many times things started to go wrong today and in the end, everything worked out just fine. I got up early to take the morning flight from SEA to DCA. The highway was crowded. Cars were moving at a crawl. I wasn’t worried, because I always allow for plenty of extra time.Continue reading “December 2 Day 634: Ups and Downs”

November 28 Day 630: Planes and Trains

I am thankful for modern transportation that allowed my sons to visit for the brief Thanksgiving holiday. It was grand to have the family together again. This morning they are traveling back to their respective colleges, one by air and one by land. Safe journeys sons. I’m looking forward to Winter break already.

October 12 Day 218: Scientific Road Show

I miss attending events in person—talks, panels, conferences, board meetings, collaborative action network meetings, and even teaching class. I realize that I am able to participate MORE because by attending remotely, the travel time to different locations no longer factors in. You might think that is a good thing. But the lack of travel timeContinue reading “October 12 Day 218: Scientific Road Show”

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