January 27 Day 670: I Changed My Mind

I do want to talk about Wordle. As opposed to January 24 Day 687: We Don’t Talk About Wordle. Let me set the stage. I am trying to teach in person. In reality, I am teaching a synchronous remote course from the classroom. Only one human being joined me on campus this morning (13 othersContinue reading “January 27 Day 670: I Changed My Mind”

January 25 Day 688: In-person Attendance Woes

One week ago today: I had seven students in the classroom and eight students online. This was the first day I offered in-person classes (and third week of the quarter.) I figured it would get better. Today: I had two students in the classroom and twelve online. That’s not better. One week from today: TheContinue reading “January 25 Day 688: In-person Attendance Woes”

December 8 Day 640: The Key is Flexibility

It’s the last class meeting of the quarter and students presented their projects in small groups. I reserved three study spaces/meeting rooms that were in close proximity to each other. Everyone had the schedule, the presentation rubric, and knew when and where they had to be. It felt like attending a mini-conference. I’m glad thatContinue reading “December 8 Day 640: The Key is Flexibility”

November 7 Day 609: The Key to an Active Hyflex Meeting

Let’s be honest, there are lots of things I like about Zoom meetings—like dropping links into the chat, visibly random breakout rooms, and having the system keep track of raised hands. There are lots of things I like about in-person meetings—like informal chats during breaks, the shared sense of purpose, and easy transitions for groupContinue reading “November 7 Day 609: The Key to an Active Hyflex Meeting”

November 3 Day 605: This Happened

It’s been 605 days since the start of the pandemic and 1004 days since the first time I taught a “hyflex” class, but today I forgot to record the zoom session. It’s too bad really, I thought it was a fun class. There were a lot of AHA! moments and great interactions from the peopleContinue reading “November 3 Day 605: This Happened”

October 23 Day 594: 11 Hours

The body is an amazing device that runs on nervous energy and caffeine. Until it doesn’t. On Friday morning (9 am Pacific time) , I gave a talk at the Virtual Gathering4Gardner Celebration of Mind. I was so excited to be invited. I had new material I wanted to share. And I was overcommitted. TheContinue reading “October 23 Day 594: 11 Hours”

September 21 Day 562: Retreating to Advance

At UW Tacoma, the week before classes start is always full of academic program retreats. Today was the School for Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Faculty. Tomorrow is the Mathematics Faculty. Friday is the Science and Mathematics Division Faculty. The retreats are being held on Zoom. I have mixed feelings about that. We are expected toContinue reading “September 21 Day 562: Retreating to Advance”

September 17 Day 558: To Campus

It’s a cold rainy day—a sure sign that fall quarter is fast approaching. I was having a hard time being productive at home, so I decided to put that new parking permit to use and head to campus. The first question to resolve—which parking lot am supposed to park use? There are lots on eitherContinue reading “September 17 Day 558: To Campus”

August 3 Day 513: Raise Your Hand If…

I got the nicest compliment today. The opening warm-up activity of MAA Congress was organized by Emille Lawrence. It was versatile in that it worked beautifully in the virtual environment and will translate nicely to an in-person space (even with masks on.) As Emille revealed each line in the slide above, representatives in Congress raisedContinue reading “August 3 Day 513: Raise Your Hand If…”

June 29 Day 478: Just a Glimpse

June’s MAA Social Hour was a grand experiment into new technology. And while it was fun (for those that got the technology to work), there were lessons to be learned for sure. It was my first foray into “speed networking. ” I used Glimpse paired with a Zoom meeting as recommended by the post HowContinue reading “June 29 Day 478: Just a Glimpse”

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